Hetzner Online is certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001

The internationally recognized standard for information security certifies that Hetzner Online GmbH has established and implemented an appropriate information security management system (ISMS). Hetzner Online utilizes the ISMS in its infrastructure and complete operations for the data center parks in both locations, Nuremberg and Falkenstein. FOX Certification, a third party certification authority, audited Hetzner Online's data center parks for the certification process.

This certification confirms that Hetzner Online will uphold strict information security standards. It states that we will keep your data under lock and key and that you will be guaranteed access to your IT systems. Most importantly, the certificate means that we are not satisfied with the status quo. Our ISMS requires us to continually reassess and improve our informations security methods, so that they always remain up-to-date.