Virtual tour of Hetzner Online Data Center Park

Come on in and experience Hetzner Online from a totally new perspective. In the past, we could only show you a very limited glimpse of our data center parks, and for a good reason: our highest priority is keeping your data safe.

But thanks to our virtual 360 degree tour, we can now give you a behind the scenes look of where we operate over 250,000 servers.

Join the tour using your PC, tablet, or smart phone, and learn more about our high-tech and energy efficient infrastructure!

Tour stops

You can visit the following places as part of the 360° tour:

1. Data Center Access

Start your tour right at our front gates and learn more about our security measures.

2. Emergency Power Supply

Discover the details behind our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.

3. Colocation Entrance

Check out the colocation entrance for customers and how they can access their servers.

4. Colocation

Explore our colocation center, where you can house your own server hardware and learn more about raised floors, cooling, and cold aisle containment.

5. Data Center

Go inside the data center itself and get information about our network and about our systems for early warning fire detection, cooling, and cold aisle containment.

6. Cafeteria

Hetzner Online colleagues come here to relax, play table football and darts, have a bite to eat, and get a cup of coffee.

7. Loading Dock

See the loading dock and open doors that will take you to the battery room, UPS infrastructure, and other parts of the data center.

Creators behind the 360° tour

The 360° tour was developed together with the Multimedia and Communication students at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. They were students taking Prof. Christian Barta's elective course Panorama Photography and were students majoring in Computer Science in Media under the direction of Prof. Dr. Helmut Roderus.