Solve software problems on your own using the Rescue System

The Rescue system is a live operating system with useful tools for diagnosing your server and fixing problems. It can be launched without installation and runs only in memory. We offer versions of the Rescue System based on Linux. What is the Rescue System good for? For example, if you accidentally lose access to the server due to a mistake you make while configuring the network or by accidentally making overly restrictive firewall rules, you can use the Rescue System to find and correct such errors in your configuration and immediately gain access to your server again.

How to activate it:

You can activate the Rescue System for your server by logging into your account on our customer administration interface Robot. When you activate the Rescue System, you will receive a password for accessing it. Or, if you prefer, you can configure the public key authentication for SSH via Robot. Then you can restart your server via Robot, and the server will load our Rescue System via our network. Once you are finished making repairs, you can restart your server again. It will restart in your normal system.


  • Dedicated servers: You can activate the Rescue System simply by going to your account on Robot.
  • Colocation customers: You must give Hetzner Online support staff the MAC address and the IP address for the server you would like the Rescue System for. Then our staff will enable the Rescue System for you.