Data centers

Located in Nuremberg, Germany; in Falkenstein/Vogtland, Germany; and in Helsinki, Finland; Hetzner Online's three state-of-the-art data center parks provide an excellent and environmentally-friendly infrastructure for your Internet business. Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges ensure fast website access regardless of whether you are on Hetzner webspace, use your own server or have opted for high-performance dedicated root servers or managed servers.


  • Data Center Park Nuremberg, Germany
  • Data Center Park Falkenstein, Germany
  • Data Center Park Helsinki, Finland

Peering Points (780G)

  • 400 GBit/s DE-CIX
  • 100 GBit/s AMS-IX
  • 100 GBit/s ECIX
  • 100 GBit/s NL-IX-FFM
  • 20 GBit/s FICIX
  • 20 GBit/s Netnod
  • 10 GBit/s NL-IX-AMS
  • 10 GBit/s N-IX
  • 10 GBit/s STH-IX
  • 10 GBit/s VIX

Transit (1200G)

  • 400 GBit/s Core-Backbone
  • 400 GBit/s Telia
  • 200 GBit/s NTT
  • 100 GBit/s GTT
  • 100 GBit/s TATA

Private Peerings (1220G)

Power Supply

  • AC: 230V, 16A
  • Redundant UPS facilities
  • Battery mode: Approx. 15 minutes
  • Standby power system
  • Diesel power generator for autonomous mode
  • Power is supplied via a raised floor system

Climate Control

  • Energy efficient direct free cooling N+2 redundancy
  • Cold aisle containment
  • Under-floor air conditioning
  • Higher than average raised floor system
  • Monitoring of air temperature and server/distribution cabinets

Colocation Racks

  • 5,500 sq m Colocation floor space
  • Optional location in Nuremberg, Falkenstein or Helsinki
  • Up to 49 rack height units (1 U) in 19'' racks
  • Extra deep racks
  • Optionally with cold aisle containment
  • 24/7 access and on-site service
  • Separate work and relax area
  • Installation of ISDN lines possible
  • Optional cages from 20 sq m

Fire Protection

  • Modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department
  • Special door locking systems


  • Bilingual personnel (German/English)
  • 24/7 service by qualified personnel
  • Installation work by qualified technicians


  • Video-monitored high-security perimeter fencing around the entire data center park
  • Entry via electronic access control terminals with a transponder key or admission card
  • Ultra-modern surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring of access routes, entrances, security door interlocking systems and server rooms
  • Download brochure (pdf, 683 KB)

DDoS Protection

  • Latest hardware appliances
  • Sophisticated perimeter security technologies
  • Automated system that can protect your web applications, websites, servers, and IT infrastructure
  • Attempted botnet communications thwarted
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  • Certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001
  • Internationally recognized standard for information security
  • Certification for our entire data center parks and infrastructure
  • Verification for our continuous assessment of and sustained improvements to security standards
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