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Painting the Internet green

Our contribution to sustainability in the digital world

Efficiency determines our actions. We focus on sustainably using resources, especially when it comes to energy. Every watt saved in the operation of our data centers makes a difference: over the years, we can save thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity. And we work every day to become even more efficient.

We make decisions with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind - because what counts for us is not short-term profit, but the long-term, ecological impact of our actions.

Our servers use wind- and hydropower

As a data center operator, we have high energy requirements. It is important to us to cover this demand exclusively with renewable energy sources. Our data centers in Germany have been using electricity from hydropower since 2008. We have operated our data center park in Finland using wind and hydropower since its opening in 2018.
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100% green electricity

How we save resources

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Long product life cycle

Our server auction allows us to extend the lifecycle of our hardware.
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Modular design

We build our data centers on demand and with the latest optimizations.
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Customized hardware

We remove unnecessary components and optimize air flow for efficient cooling.
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Waste heat utilization

We heat our offices and production rooms in our data centers with waste heat.
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Efficiency monitoring system

We analyze energy consumption in real time to optimize efficiency.
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Efficient air cooling

Natural air cools our data centers for up to 98% of the year.
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Innovative Servers

We rely on energy-efficient hardware – such as the energy-saving Arm64 CPUs from Ampere® in our RX servers.
We develop our servers in-house so we can optimize them for our applications and only include components that we actually need. We optimize airflow for efficient cooling.
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the Hetzner data center - efficiency is the foundation

We developed our data centers in-house so we could focus especially on energy efficient operation. We have optimized them to cool our hardware using outside air. The raised floor, cold aisle containment, and monopitch roof directs the air automatically and efficiently through channels in the data center.
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Power Usage Effectiveness

PUE measures the energy efficiency of data centers. The closer the value is to 1.0, the higher the efficiency. The PUE of our data centers is between 1.10 and 1.16.

Water Usage Effectiveness

WUE measures the water consumption in data centers. We only use air to cool our servers and do not require water cooling.

Our servers save so much energy

Efficiency is what drives us

Whether in the development of our data centers or our own servers – we always want to surpass ourselves and become even more energy efficient. That's why we question standard solutions and continue to optimize our products and data center parks.
Wind Turbines

choose hetzner with a clear conscience:

We are pushing the envelope for making the Internet more energy efficient. Our systems, processes and hardware are extremely efficient. This not only conserves resources, but also enables us to offer particularly cost-effective products. Transparency is important to us, which is why we disclose the power consumption values of our servers, for example.
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