Sports and fitness don't just lead to longer and healthier lives, they also build bridges and friendships. For this reason, we support a variety of clubs, athletes, and sporting events.

Charity run in Gunzenhausen

Many schools in Gunzenhausen and the surrounding area ran for a good cause, and Hetzner Online was a sponsor. The charity run raised around €31,000 in funds for two local aid organizations: "Kinderschicksale Mittelfranken" (a group that supports disabled children) and for the project "Hand in Hand gegen Altersarmut" (a project that fights against poverty in old age).

DAV climbing wall at the town festival
The DAV (German Alpine Club) had its 150th anniversary in 2019. The Gunzenhausen chapter of the club celebrated at the local "Bürgerfest" (town festival). The club not only had an information stand at the festival, but also a mobile climbing wall. It raised the pulses of many fair-goers whether they were young or old, climbers or onlookers. The DAV used the ...
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Uniforms for soccer clubs

Hetzner Online provides soccer uniforms for a number of soccer clubs in the regions surrounding its locations in Germany (Gunzenhausen, Nuremberg, Falkenstein) and Finland (Helsinki). The following clubs are just a few that we have supported over the years: ASV Veitsbronn, SV Seukendorf, TSV Mörsdorf, and FC Germania Helsinki.

New handcycle for "Tetra Team" in Zusmarshausen

Local Gunzenhausen man Christian Humpenöder accepted a brand new handcycle on behalf of the "Tetra Team", which was financed by Hetzner Online. "Tetra" is an abbreviation of the term tetraplegic, as all members of the team have a form of paraplegia. The "Tetra Team" first achieved fame following a 72 hour, 1,100 kilometre tour of Germany which was broadcast on German television nationwide.

Uniforms for local clubs

Hetzner Online supports many local clubs by providing funds for uniforms. This includes the men's handball team at TV 1860 Gunzenhausen, local brass bands in Absberg and Laubenzedel, marching bands like SV Motor Barth, singing and dance groups like KG Minnesänger, swimming groups like Schwimm-Verein Vogtland Plauen, track and sports clubs like LSG Auerbach e.V. and TV 1840 Falkenstein.