Educating young people is a vital part of all societies, and we want to play our part. That's why we support kindergartens, secondary schools, and institutes of higher education. We donate PCs, servers, tablets, webspace, and funds to help upgrade school infrastructure and to instill a love of learning in students.

€25,000 in seed money for new FabLab in Gunzenhausen

The FabLab (fabrication laboratory) in Gunzenhausen was thrilled to receive €25,000 from Hetzner Online. The club will use the funds to purchase equipment and hardware, and to cover operating costs. Its members and the public can then use high-tech gadgets like 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines.

Financial support for Global Game Jam

Global Game Jame is a hackathon that focuses on game development, and takes place across the globe on the same weekend. Teams brainstorm, develop, and publish their own games in 48 hours. The event brings together designers, programmers, hobbyists, and creative people from all backgrounds. Hetzner Online provided financial support for the participants in Ansbach.

Free web hosting accounts for university students

All students attending the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach ("Hochschule Ansbach") can get a free web hosting account and domain for five years from Hetzner Online.

Funds for tablets for schools

The vocational school for economics ("Wirtschaftsschule") in Gunzenhausen has introduced the first "iPad year". This year's 20 incoming students all received iPads that they use in their daily classes, and will continue to use in the future. Hetzner Online provided funds for this digital project, which then made it possible for the school to pay for the tablets.

Hardware for vocational school center in Plauen

Thanks to hardware provided by Hetzner Online, the vocational school center in Plauen ("Berufliches Schulzentrum Plauen") was able to completely update its computer labs. The school, which educates students in the IT branch, was thrilled that they could upgrade their IT labs' infrastructure.

Hardware for "Linux4Afrika"

Hetzner Online donated 100 RAM modules and pieces of hardware to the Freiburg based OpenSource Software Network's (FreiOSS.net e.V.) “Linux4Afrika“ project. Linux4Afrika equips schools in South Africa, Mozambique and Kenya with computers and free software.

Media equipment for Hensoltshöhe Girls' School

Pupils at Hensoltshöhe Girls' School in Gunzenhausen have benefited from new media equipment for their classrooms, which Hetzner Online financed. The funds have gone towards outfitting classrooms with multi-media technology, such as projectors and document cameras.

Server donation to Goethe High School in Auerbach

Hetzner Online equipped IT rooms and media work stations with high quality computer hardware for Goethe High School in Auerbach. A total of 75 servers were added to the school network. “Thanks to this donation, all of the PCs in the school network are now state-of-the-art, so that we can teach IT on a high level,” said School Director Martina Becker.

Hardware donation for state vocational school in Weißenburg

Hetzner Online delivered 200 computers, 40 mainboards, and 160 4 GB RAM modules to the state vocational school in Weißenburg. The hardware donation allowed the college to update their classroom equipment.

Hardware for youth social work
Twenty-eight computers donated by Hetzner Online has facilitated the media education work of the group "Evang. Jugendsozialarbeit" (Protestant Youth Social Work) in Ansbach. The group is a non-profit organisation which operates a PC studio in Schillingsfürst and a multimedia and IT club in Ansbach for young people. The hands-on computer activities have encou...
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Hetzner improves classroom conditions at Hahnenkamm Elementary School

Some hardware in the IT lab of Hahnenkamm Elementary School was no longer current and was on its last legs. To encourage students to once again have fun and take an interest in computer classes, Hetzner Online donated 17 servers to the school in Heidenheim.

Free WLAN for Gunzenhausen

In Gunzenhausen in Franconia, Germany, where Hetzner Online's headquarters are located, residents and visitors enjoy free WLAN at several important hot spots throughout the city. Users don't need to register for a service or provide personal data to surf online at these locations. Hetzner Online worked together with the City of Gunzenhausen to implement this project.