Managed Server

Managed Server Service Agreement

Managed Server Service Agreement

1. Contact Person, Client Support:

All of the managed servers offered include free written and telephone support during the specified support times. Written support requests from the client are made via the konsoleH administration interface. For this, clients need to use their client access to konsoleH (Login: Customer Number, Password: Customer Password).

In general, client support orders are included in the all-inclusive price of the product. Special support requests, not included in Hetzner Online services, are only handled in exceptional cases. If more than 15 minutes' working time is required for resolving such issues, Hetzner Online, after consultation with the client, charge a fee of 21 € (excl. VAT) for each quarter hour commenced.

2. Monitoring Services:

  • Web Server (HTTP)
  • Mail System (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Spam filter, Virus scanner, Mail dispatch quantity)
  • Server Services (FTP, SSH, NTP)
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Server Load
  • Hard Drives (S.M.A.R.T., Disk Space Usage)

3. System Failure:

Hetzner Online monitor the server 24 hours a day for failures.

Without prebooked Carefree Package: System failure is handled during business hours. Outside of support hours, it is possible to contact the on-call service via the konsoleH administration interface with a chargeable emergency support request. This request is charged at 21 € (excl. VAT) for each quarter hour commenced.

With the prebooked Carefree Package and 24/7 Monitoring: System failure is always handled free of charge. It is also possible to contact the on-call service via the konsoleH administration interface with an emergency support request. This request is charged at 21 € (excl. VAT) for each quarter hour commenced.

Hetzner Online reserve the right to deal with requests which are not emergencies during normal business hours only. An emergency is defined as server failure or the failure of a server service.

4. Server Access:

Root access by the client is generally not possible on managed servers.

Access by SSH is via the usual user authorization rights. The activation (deactivation) of SSH access for the respective account is possible via the konsoleH administration interface.

5. Account Licenses:

Depending on the model of server, only a limited number of user accounts can be created. The amount possible is based on the type of server. As many domains as are required can be set up on each one of the accounts. Optionally, and at cost, it is possible to increase the number of accounts possible via konsoleH.

6. Data Protection:

All managed servers, even without prebooked daily backup or the backup included in the type of server, undergo a local backup which exclusively backs up configuration files. With booked daily backup or the backup included in the type of server, all data is backed up daily and retained for a maximum of 14 days. Recovery of backups (Restore) is possible via the konsoleH administration interface. Here it is possible to recover individual files and whole folders as well as accounts.

7. Content and Data of Created Accounts:

Changes made by the support team, such as the deleting, relocation and overriding of content and sensitive information, which has been deployed and/or received by the client, can only be carried out, if the requests are verified by the konsoleH administration interface or in writing as a fax containing the company stamp and a handwritten signature. The support team are not required to undertake work which can be performed by clients and which it is possible for clients to do themselves.

8. Changes to Configuration Files:

Generally, with the exception of the points listed below, individual customization to configuration files is not possible on managed servers. This applies to system settings and the services provided. The following settings are alterable:

  • PHP

    Selected PHP settings can be changed via the konsoleH administration interface. Many further settings can be changed directly via .htaccess file. Settings which exceed the available values and set limits are alterable after previous examination by the system administration. Additional PHP modules other than those offered are not installed. Individual PHP solutions e.g. PHP binaries, are not supported. For an overview of PHP configuration please see The following PHP modules are additionally available and can be enabled via the konsoleH administration interface: APCu, ImageMagick, Ioncube Loader, Source Guardian, Zend Guard, OPcache, XDebug, MongoDB, GeoIP.

  • IMAP

    The number of parallel IMAP connections per IP address is limited for reasons of server stability. It is possible to have this number increased on request at our discretion.

  • SMTP

    The settings which are offered such as 'Forwards', 'Autoresponder', 'Spam filter', 'SMS Notification', 'Black- and Whitelist' etc. can be changed by the client. Other individual settings and the configuration of the mail system cannot be created. SPF records can be set by the client via DNS administration in the konsoleH administration interface.

  • MySQL

    The configuration of the MySQL server can be modified at the request of the client. If values are requested which could affect the stability of the server, the client must submit a form to confirm this. The client is not automatically entitled to such modifications. For each database created by the client, three database users are set up with exclusive access to this database. For reasons of security, no global database user or users who have access to several databases is set up.

  • DNS

    Each account and each domain receives a DNS zone file which can be administered via the konsoleH administration interface. The use of the DNS servers is optional.

9. Process Monitoring:

To safeguard the security and stability of the managed server, a process monitoring system is in place which stops processes with excessive running times and/or RAM exploitation. Exceptions can be made by the system administration. If the client requests exceptions which could affect system stability, these must be confirmed in writing by the client. The client is not automatically entitled to such exceptions. If the stability of the server or network is affected, Hetzner Online reserve the right to correct and/or cancel these exceptions

10. Installation of Additional Software:

The installation of additional software or libraries is not carried out by the support team. On request, a compiler can be made available with which the client can compile the necessary software packages. This is the sole responsibility of the client. There is no right to claim support services in this context.

The operation of additional software requiring root privileges for installation or operation is not possible.

11. Relocation within the Hetzner Online Server:

Relocation of a maximum of three accounts, not larger than 5 GB which are to be transferred within Hetzner Online web hosting / managed servers is carried out by the support team on request. Databases are to be transferred in advance by clients themselves and are not a part of the relocation offered by Hetzner Online. Relocation from or to Hetzner Online external servers or dedicated root servers is not performed.

12. Email Service Spam and Virus Protection:

Each email account has a server-side spam filter which can optionally be deactivated for presorting suspicious emails into a designated folder. This folder is accessed via IMAP and Webmail. Emails which have been identified as spam are automatically deleted after a predefined time period. The filter strength can be adjusted by the client. In addition, Hetzner Online GmbH operate a blacklist which temporarily or permanently blocks IP addresses that send spam emails. The blocking of single IP addresses can be deactivated manually by the client. Furthermore, Hetzner Online GmbH use a virus filter for emails. Incoming emails containing viruses are not accepted for security reasons. The sender of the email is notified. The dispatch of emails containing viruses is prohibited.

13. Prohibited Actions:

In order for us to operate a high-performing and reliable network for our customers, the operation of applications for mining crypto currencies is prohibited.