Unrivaled cheap and scalable server housing in Germany and Finland
100% Green Electricity
Our servers are available in different locations.
1/3 Rack
starting from
€ 119.
00 monthly
Order incl. 19 % VAT
setup fee
€ 119.00
de Electricity Price
€ 0.4760/kWh
fi Electricity Price
€ 0.2618/kWh
Rack Basic
starting from
€ 199.
00 monthly
Order incl. 19 % VAT
setup fee
€ 199.00
de Electricity Price
€ 0.4760/kWh
Rack Advanced
starting from
€ 299.
00 monthly
Order incl. 19 % VAT
setup fee
€ 299.00
de Electricity Price
€ 0.4760/kWh
fi Electricity Price
€ 0.2618/kWh
Please note that we are currently unable to guarantee the availability of racks at the Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Helsinki locations and that waiting times may occur. Thank you for your understanding!

Colocation Locations

The Colocation Center is part of the ISO 27001 certified Hetzner Online Data Center Park at Sigmundstraße 135 in Nuremberg. Due to its proximity to the southwest tangent and the A73, the Colocation Center is easily accessible. Nuremberg Airport is just 15 minutes by car. It is possible to rent 1/3 and full racks.

Highlight: The Datacenter Park Nuremberg houses the Internet exchange point N-IX, which ensures that you can benefit from local data transfer via an extremely low-latency private interconnect!

Our special service for you in Nuremberg: Charge your electric car for free.

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Put your IT in safe hands and reduce your costs through an unrivaled cheap and transparent monthly price (plus a one-time setup fee) and monthly power charge based on consumption.

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Connections to central Internet exchanges, such as DE-CIX and AMS-IX as well as redundant connectivity to national and international carriers. All upstreams and peerings are integrated into the backbone via state-of-the-art routers from Juniper Networks. Guaranteed network availability of at least 99.9%.

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Climate control

Direct free cooling ensures environmentally friendly cooling of the IT hardware. Air conditioning via the raised floor. Energy-efficient cold aisle containment for 1/3 Racks and Rack Advanced.

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24/7 access via a transponder key controlled security lock. Logging of access and setting permissions within the administration interface. High security standards and early fire detection throughout the data center park. Protected network through DDoS protection.

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Power supply

Electricity capacity of 1200 kVA. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is guaranteed by a 15-minute battery capacity and emergency diesel generators. All UPS systems are designed redundantly.

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100% renewable energy

Hetzner Online uses electricity from renewable sources for the energy supply in the data center parks, using hydropower in Germany and hydropower and wind power in Finland.

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Qualified and multilingual technicians are 24/7 on-site to assist you in setup and maintenance when needed. There is also a lounge and workbenches.

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The Colocation Centers in Nuremberg, in Falkenstein/Vogtland and Helsinki are ISO 27001 certified and thus meet international safety standards.

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Flexible solutions for your expansion. Offers range from 1/3 Racks to full racks.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Colocation or server housing means that you can house your own server hardware at our data center parks and profit from the existing infrastructure. You benefit from the uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning, the fast redundant Internet connection, the security concept, DDoS protection and on-site customer support around the clock. With several data center locations in Germany and Finland, we can offer you geo-redundancy and thus even greater reliability. These services can be used by private users as well as small and large companies at a low cost. Thus, you relieve your IT department and can concentrate on your core business.

  • As a customer, you have exclusive 24/7 access to your rack via your transponder. If it is the first time or just a temporary visit of an external technician, you can set appointments and access authorisation via the administration interface Robot. You then receive a generated password which is used for authentication with the on-site personnel, who will then hand over a transponder for the key controlled interlocking security doors to your rack. The visit is logged and footage is archived in the administration interface for inspection.

  • Racks are usually available within one business day.

  • Yes, we accept shipments of customer hardware, and can undertake the installation, e.g. servers, firewall, switch or NAS including LAN cabling. The price is based on the amount of effort.

    Likewise, hardware such as e.g. drives, power supplies, fans or RAM can be exchanged on behalf of the customer. Here also the price is based on the amount of effort.

  • The electricity costs are based on consumption. For example:

    One Server with a constant 200 watt power usage costs:
    0,2 KW * 24h * 30 days * electricity price (40 Cent/22 Cent) = €57.60/€31.68 per month