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Flexible access

You can use various access protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, and RSYNC so that you can easily and securely access your Storage Box. You can even integrate your Storage Box into your own file system via Webdav or Samba.

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High reliability

Use the Snapshots feature to take a snapshot of your Storage Box and restore it if necessary. This increases the reliability of your data. You can either create snapshots manually or have them generated automatically based on your own personal configurations.

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Efficient deployment

The Backup Service allows you to back up data from your server with root access to a Storage Box. Data deduplication eliminates the transfer of redundant content. This allows you to make optimum use of the storage space in your Storage Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Hetzner Online secure data on Storage Boxes?

    Your files on Storage Boxes are safeguarded with a RAID configuration which can withstand several drive failures. Therefore, there is a relatively small chance of data being lost. The data is not mirrored onto other servers. In addition, checksums for the individual data blocks are used to detect and correct bit errors. 

  • Can I give other people access to my Storage Box?

    You can create additional users for your Storage Box via the Robot administration interface. They can use the same protocols as the main user. Other users have access only to a designated subdirectory of the main user. However, the main user has full access to the directories of all sub-accounts.

  • Is the data encrypted when using the backup service?

    By using the Backup Agent, which is installed on your root server, it is possible to encrypt the data you want to back up directly on your server. This means that the data can already be transferred to your Storage Box in encrypted form. Then the data can be decrypted using a password that only you know.

  • What does the term "deduplication" mean regarding the Backup Service?

    Data deduplication splits the data you want to back up into small parts. Before a part is stored in the backup repository, the system checks whether the data contains any duplications or redundancies. That way, the respository does not contain any repeating data parts, and saves space. This method allows you to make the most of the storage in your Storage Box.

  • Can I use the Backup Service with Windows servers?

    No, the Backup Service is only available for Linux systems.

  • Can I back up multiple servers to one backup repository using the Backup Service?

    It is possible, but not recommended. A cache is generated on each server you want to back up and is compared with the repository. If backups of two servers in the same repository are recorded, it can take a long time to process the cache.

  • Can I use the Backup Service only with dedicated root servers?

    No, it is also possible to use it to make backups of cloud servers or virtual servers. It is important that you have root access to the server.