• DX180

AMD EPYC™ 7551P 32-Core
Simultaneous Multithreading
RAM: 128 GB DDR4 ECC (max. 512 GB)
optional max. 512 GB (at additional cost)
Hard drive: optional (at additional cost)
RAID controller: Dell PERC H730P 8 Port SATA 12 GBit/s RAID
Remote access: iDRAC 9 Enterprise
NIC: 1 GBit
PSU: Redundant Platinum Certified Hot Plug
Connection: 1 GBit/s-Port
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s
Backup space: 100 GB
Traffic: Unlimited *
Available locations:
224.91 €
monthly + 224.91 € once-off setup fee
Prices incl. 19 % VAT


The DX180 Dedicated Root Server Dell EMC PowerEdge™ R6415 features the AMD EPYC 7551P processor with 32 cores and 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM. Due to the high number of threads and the scalable DDR4 ECC RAM, this processor is specially designed for virtualization and multi-threading applications.

You’ll benefit from the versatility and flexibility of this efficient model. You can select your preferred type of storage that is best for your specific use case. You can add up to 10 drives to the base configuration. (Of these 10 drives, up to 8 can be SATA SSDs and up to 10 can be NVMe SSDs.) With the DX180, you only pay for the drives that you want:


Price / Month

240 GB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition 9.52 €
480 GB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition 11.90 €
960 GB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition 21.42 €
1.92 TB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition 38.68 €
3.84 TB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition 69.62 €
480 GB NVMe SSD 3D XPoint 50.58 €
960 GB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition 33.32 €
1.92 TB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition 57.72 €

Available operating systems

  • logo operating system Windows
  • logo operating system Linux
  • logo operating system Fedora
  • logo operating system Cent OS
    Cent OS
  • logo operating system Ubuntu
  • logo operating system Debian
  • logo operating system Arch Linux
    Arch Linux

All operating systems are 64 Bit.

Basic Features

  • Full root access
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 address
  • IPv6 subnet (/64)
  • Rescue-System
  • Image installer
  • Traffic statistics
  • Reverse DNS administration
  • Domain Registration Robot
  • DDoS protection
  • Firewall
    Hetzner Online's stateless firewall allows customers to define filter rules for incoming traffic via their accounts in the customer administration interface Robot. For example, customers can set rules regarding IPv4 source addresses or the TCP/UDP source port. Defining firewall rules like these prevents unpermitted access to customers' servers.
  • Free phone support
  • Free email support
  • 24/7 on-site service in our data centers
  • 4.03 Tbit bandwidth
  • Redundant network

Optional Features


  • No minimum contract period
  • Cancellation period: 30 days to the end of the month
*Traffic usage is unlimited and free of charge.
Please note that our unlimited traffic policy does not apply to servers that have the 10G uplink addon. In this special case we will permanently restrict the connection speed if more than 20 TB/month are used (the basis for calculation is for outgoing traffic only. Incoming and internal traffic is not calculated). Optionally, the limit can be permanently cancelled by committing to pay 1.19 € per additional TB used.