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TWIPLA offers statistics, analytics and interactive tools for website owners

Alexander Veit is the CEO and responsible for privacy at TWIPLA, former Visitor Analytics. Mihai Muresan is the CTO and he´s in charge of the technical part of the company.

What does TWIPLA do? What services do you offer?

TWIPLA offers a toolset for all website owners that are compound of website statistics, analytics and interactive tools like heat maps, session recordings and visitor feedback. We complete all the tools in one single tool, and all of this is built on a solid fundament of privacy compliance.

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Can you tell us more about the migration to the Cloud?

Initially, all of our infrastructure was hosted on bare metal servers and we discovered that a lot of the tools that Hetzner Cloud provides, we would like to use as well. We wanted to have the flexibility to create many servers, to reduce the load balancers, these volumes, firewalls, so that we can have as many resources as possible to use and to invest in the product. 

Why did you choose Hetzner?

We chose Hetzner as a hosting provider because I can remember that I ordered my first bare metal Hetzner server back in the late 1990s, in the last century. And so it was obvious for us that Hetzner would be on our shortlist for an alternative hosting solution. 

I ordered my first bare metal Hetzner server back in the late 1990s, in the last century.

After evaluating and investigating on all of these things like legal issues, compliance, privacy, it was pretty clear that Hetzner would be our first choice. And that's why we moved our whole infrastructure to Hetzner and later on to Hetzner Cloud. 

Why are you using both, Cloud and Dedicated Servers?

Using both, cloud and dedicated servers, has been the best decision that we have taken so far. This hybrid approach sort of brings us the best of both worlds. We have the flexibility of the cloud, but we also have the sheer computing power and storage capacity of physical servers. This is why most of our computing is in the cloud and our databases, where the heavy stuff happens, are in the physical world.

Alexander Veit und Mihai Muresan

How has Hetzner helped you to improve your processes?

Hetzner has helped us enormously to improve the way we work, specifically because we were able to grow our team so easily while also maintaining velocity.At the end of the day, because we are a bootstrap company, we have to manage costs as much as possible and Hetzner has allowed us to do this in a very efficient way. 

How do you think you journey and growth in the Cloud will continue?

I'm pretty convinced that we will continue that growth, especially in terms of privacy, but also about the fact that we are offering one tool, covering a lot of distributed tools from the past at a much more competitive price.

From a technical perspective, our journey in the cloud will continue pretty much the same as it has so far. We'll continue with this hybrid approach and we will use every single feature that Hetzner provides us. We have been beta users of every single feature so far and we will continue doing the same.

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