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Joachim Nickel offers consulting and training on web analytics with Matomo
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Joachim Nickel is an expert in web analytics with Matomo and the CMS Contao. With his agency chop solutions, he offers consulting, integration and training for these topics.

We invited Joachim to our data center in Nuremberg to talk to him about Matomo, managed servers and Hetzner as a hosting provider.

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Joachim, you are the CEO of chop solutions. What products and services do you provide?
The focus is very much on web analytics with the open source tool Matomo. That is the open source alternative to Google Analytics.
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You decided to go with Hetzner. Why?
Many reasons. I signed my first contract with Hetzner - I don't know how far back now that was. Hetzner was simply one of the providers that I always liked to use. Another reason for my choice was Hetzner's support. I needed to talk to a support team who actually knows their stuff, and I generally always got that really quickly on the phone.
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You checked out many hosting providers and then picked Hetzner. What advantages do you get from working together with us?
Hetzner provides a very attractive managed product. Naturally, Hetzner's self-hosted root servers are also a really good option if you want to have a very specific configuration. The downside is that you need to do all of the admin and updates yourself. But with the managed servers, you don't need to do any of that yourself.
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The combination of software and hardware that Hetzner uses in this area is very interesting, especially for Matomo.

Hetzner already has this expertise, and I can build upon that. The combination of software and hardware that Hetzner uses in this area is very interesting, especially for Matomo. For example, a Redis database -- I mean an in-memory-database -- that's very, very helpful for Matomo. Not many providers have that.
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We are now in our colocation center. You have switched over to other Hetzner products. Which ones?

Your managed servers are now the much more attractive choice for me because I had to take care of everything myself with colocation. I had to install the servers; I needed to do all of the updates myself. If you really specialize in that, that's do-able. Now I do more consultant-type work, and for that, your managed servers are really my product of choice.

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You can see our cloud and dedicated servers in the background. Do you have any experience with those?

Yes, I've got a dedicated server for myself that I like to use for experimenting with a little bit. And that's actually how I started doing stuff with the Redis databases so that I could optimize Matomo in that regard. And I can use that server well for testing stuff.

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And now we're next to our dedicated servers, which we designed. And we place a lot of importance here on energy efficiency. How does energy efficiency affect you?
A lot. I mean, when I consult people about using Matomo, I emphasize that we only measure things that make sense to measure. And the potential for further development with PHP is enormous. The energy that we save by doing that -- making everything more efficient -- that's certainly a pleasant side effect of it all. Maybe there will be a chance in the future that these dedicated servers could be integrated into the cloud products so that we really only use the resources that we actually need. I am curious what Hetzner is going to there in the future. You have always shown throughout the years that you can keep innovating with stuff like that, and I'm looking forward to the future.

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