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Distribute traffic between multiple targets and avoid having a single point of failure.


Load Balancers let you scale your applications easily by automatically distributing traffic across your infrastructure. Handle common use-cases like TLS Termination or create an internet-facing entry point to route traffic into your Hetzner Cloud Networks.


Dedicated Servers

Leverage the power of Hetzner dedicated root servers and combine both the virtual and physical world within a Load Balancer.


Our Load Balancers are capable of handling any TCP based traffic as well as HTTP and HTTPS. They speak HTTP/2 by default, depending on the client's capabilities.

High availability

We completely manage the Load Balancers for you. Using our highly optimised and automated system, we ensure that your Load Balancer is up and running.

TLS Termination

Free up CPU cycles from your nodes by offloading TLS(SSL) decryption to your Load Balancer. If security is your top concern, you can just pass the encrypted traffic through to your application servers.

Health Checks

Configurable active health checks make sure your application can sustain a server failure. Additionally, we perform passive health checks on every request to ensure that traffic is only routed to healthy targets.

Private Networks

Load Balancers work great together with Hetzner Cloud Networks. Improve your security by configuring your Load Balancer to act as the single point of entry into your infrastructure.

Proxy Protocols

The proxy protocol provides a convenient way to transport connection information such as a client's IP through to your servers.

Fast (re)configuration

Load Balancers are easy to configure and ready to go in a few seconds, just like your cloud server, and we apply any configuration changes you make almost instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I also use Hetzner dedicated root servers as a target?

    Yes, you can add Hetzner Cloud servers as well as Hetzner dedicated root servers as targets for a Load Balancer.

  • Each customer has a default limit for the number of Cloud resources that we simultaneously provide. If you would like to increase your limit, you can send a request to our support team by opening a support ticket via Cloud Console. Our team will quickly review your request and, if everything is in order, they will increase your limit.

  • You can currently choose between "Round Robin" and "Least connections", depending on your use case.

  • You can use any valid SSL/TLS certificate.

  • Yes! Have a look at our API Docs to get detailed information about what you can automate on the Load Balancers.

  • Yes, we have an official cloud controller manager for Kubernetes available on GitHub.