2 vCores
Hard Drive: 1 x 50 GB SSD
Connection: 1 Gbit/s NIC
Traffic: 5 TB *
Available locations:
Snapshots 2
monthly, No Setup Fee!
Prices incl. 19 % VAT


The vServer CX20 will impress you with its ample guaranteed RAM and CPU resources as well as its speedy, high-performance SSDs - all at a very moderate price. Naturally, a generous amount of included traffic* and a swift connection are included to ensure optimal availability. Valuable features like the snapshot function, 24-hour server monitoring, and the reset function make this deal a complete package.

Available operating systems

  • logo operating system Windows
  • logo operating system Fedora
  • logo operating system Cent OS
    Cent OS
  • logo operating system Ubuntu
  • logo operating system Debian

All operating systems are 64 Bit.

Basic Features

  • Full root access
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 address
  • IPv6 subnet (/64)
  • Administration Software Webmin
    available for LAMP
  • 2 snapshots
    Using the snapshot function, you can create an image of your vServer and, if necessary, restore your vServer from this snapshot. Number of snapshots included in each vServer product.
  • 24h reset service via web interface
  • Rescue-System
  • VNC installation
  • Image installer
  • Traffic statistics
  • Reverse DNS administration
  • Domain Registration Robot
  • Free email support
  • 2.76 Tbit Bandwidth
  • Redundant network
  • Juniper routing technology
  • High-speed access to all Internet uplinks
  • Network Availability min. 99.9%
  • DDoS protection

Optional Features


  • No minimum contract period
  • Cancellation period: 30 days to the end of the month
  • Possible payment methods are: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal and SEPA direct debit for accounts from SEPA countries
*There are no charges for overage. We will permanently restrict the connection speed if more than 5 TB/month are used. (The basis for calculation is for outgoing traffic only. Incoming and internal traffic is not calculated). Optionally, the limit can be permanently cancelled by committing to pay € 1.19 per additional TB used.

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