• Gunzenhausen/Germany – 28. June 2022

    Today, Hetzner expanded the product set of its Cloud platform to include Primary IPs. With this new feature, customers can now choose from three different network options.

    Recently, customers have shown an increasing interest in cloud servers that do not have a public interface. With the introduction of the new network options, this is now officially available. Customers simply have to remove all Primary IPs from their server and the public network will automatically be disabled.

    Overall, Primary IPs make managing the IP addresses of a server highly flexible, as public IP addresses (IPv4, IPv6) are no longer automatically assigned to a cloud server. Instead, customers can now decide themselves at the server’s creation which IP types the server should include or not. And even after the servers were created, customers can still change the selected network option by adding, removing, or swapping the servers’ Primary IPs.

    Here's an overview of the three network options:

    • Two public IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) – The server has a public network and supports public IPv4 / IPv6 connections.
    • One public IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) - The server has a public network, but only supports either public IPv4 or IPv6 connections.
    • No public IP addresses – The server does not have a public network. Instead, it only is accessible within a private network and with a private IP address. 


    You can get a Primary IPv4 for € 0.50 a month or € 0.0008 an hour. Primary IPv6 are free of charge.

    The total price for cloud servers with public IP addresses is the same as before. The only change that comes with the new network options is the possibility to reduce costs by removing the Primary IPv4.

    As with all Hetzner Cloud servers, the payment methods for Primary IPs are transparent and flexible. There is no minimum contract period; users can pay by the hour or until they reach the monthly price limit. And they can simply delete their Primary IPs when they're done with them.

    Check out more information on Hetzner Cloud Primary IPs: docs.hetzner.com/cloud/servers/primary-ips/overview

    All prices excl. VAT.

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