• Tuusula/Finland – 8. November 2021

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    Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki in southern Tuusula - recently expanded to include another new data center, which was put into operation in July 2021. The next scheduled building is expected to be completed and operational by early 2022.

    In addition to this, the groundwork for two completely new data center units, as well as storage and social facilities, is already completed in the data center park.

    A single data center can accommodate tens of thousands of dedicated and/or cloud servers. As with all data centers at the Tuusula location, technical staff will be on site 24/7/365. A further two completely new data centers are currently under construction. The groundwork for these units is already completed and the first unit has a scheduled opening date of early 2023 (Q1).

    Once construction is completed, there will be a total of ten data centers in Data Center Park Helsinki. Hetzner Finland plans to eventually build as many as 20 data centers on its 150,000 square meter site. Meanwhile in Germany, Hetzner Online has also been expanding their data center parks over the last few years.

    Number of employees grows by one third

    Hetzner Finland currently employs 40 people who work in IT, construction, electrical engineering, property maintenance and office management. The number of employees at Hetzner Finland has increased by one third in a short period of time. In addition, the company indirectly employs dozens of workers in a wide range of sectors, from engineering to transportation.

    People Operations Manager Riikka Huhtaniitty explained Hetzner Finland's growth: "The events from last year accelerated our growth, and as a result, we almost doubled our headcount. We will be able to recruit new employees as soon as the new data centers become operational. We estimate that we will double our headcount over the next few years. As the number of servers grows, the need for talented new team members will also increase, especially for IT technicians who will ensure that our machines remain operational around the clock."

    More information:
    Joonas Terhivuo, CEO of Hetzner Finland Oy, tel. +358 44 565 6568

    Photo captions :
    - Two completely new data centers are currently under construction.
    - Once construction is completed, there will be a total of ten data centers at Data Center Park Helsinki.

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