• Gunzenhausen, Germany – 3. November 2021

    Cloud Servers in DCP

    Hetzner Cloud now also has servers in Ashburn, Virgina, their first location outside of Europe. This means that in addition to Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Helsinki, customers can now also choose Ashburn as a location for most Hetzner cloud products.

    In 2018, Hetzner already crossed the Baltic Sea when the first unit in their new Data Center Park Helsinki became operational. Now just three years later, they have also crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This opens up great prospects for Hetzner to play an even more significant role in North America.

    The new U.S. location in Ashburn, Virginia, is in a region nicknamed Data Center Alley, which is one of the most important data center capitals in the world. Now, Hetzner customers can also profit from the strategic location and the global interconnectivity of the location.

    Ashburn is available as a location for all Hetzner cloud servers with AMD processors, and cloud servers there support all Hetzner cloud features. With Hetzner Cloud, customers can create cloud servers within a matter of seconds. When customers create a server, they are allocated a virtual spot on one of the physical servers whether they choose Ashburn or they choose a location in one of Hetzner's own data centers in Europe. The high scalability of Hetzner Cloud makes it possible to easily add or remove resources and rescale the performance of Cloud servers at any time.

    Hetzner Cloud is already well known for low latency and a very good price/performance ratio. Now, customers from North America can also profit from improved proximity and the same attractive prices.

    With more than a hundred thousand servers, Hetzner Online is one of the largest web hosting and data center providers in Europe. Founded in 1997, the company now owns state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly data center parks in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to the multi-award-winning cloud products that have wowed several independent juries and readers in reader's choice awards, Hetzner's product portfolio mainly includes dedicated root servers, web hosting packages, and colocation services. A combination of reliable technology, attractive pricing, and expert support, and flexible customer service as well as an ever-expanding set of services have enabled Hetzner Online to continuously strengthen its market position both nationally and internationally. Get more information about their services and locations here: https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

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  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

    Hetzner Online, with hundreds of thousands of servers in operation, is one of the largest data center operators in Europe. Since its founding in 1997, Hetzner has provided private and business customers with powerful hosting products and reliable IT infrastructure. By combining its strengths in innovative technology, attractive prices, expert support, and flexible customer service, Hetzner has expanded its market both within and outside Germany and Europe. Hetzner, a German company, owns and operates its own high tech data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virigina and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA).