• Gunzenhausen, Germany – 22. June 2020

    Today, Hetzner expanded the product set of its Cloud platform to include Load Balancers. Curious customers can join the free beta-test for Load Balancers and experiment with how they improve their Cloud instances' efficiency and their apps' performance. 

    With the help of Load Balancers, Hetzner Cloud customers can more easily scale their apps, ensure that they are always available, and improve their performance. Load Balancers automatically distribute incoming traffic to background infrastructure. Common use cases include TLS termination and passthrough, which the new Load Balancers naturally support. 

    At the end of the beta-test, customers will pay a fee to use Load Balancers. But at just € 4.90 a month or € 0.008 an hour, they are within any customer's reach, and they include 20 TB in traffic, just like the Hetzner Cloud instances themselves. Users will have two additional levels of Load Balancers with more resources to choose from. 

    Here's an overview of the main features:

    • Load Balancers are ready for action in a few quick seconds, and configuration changes are applied almost immediately. 
    • Load Balancers can process all TCP-based traffic, as well as HTTP and HTTPS. By default, they speak HTTP/2, depending on the client's configuration.
    • Hetzner's team of technicians completely manages Load Balancers. Their highly optimized and automated system ensures that Load Balancers are always in operation.
    • Configurable health checks make sure that users' apps can sustain a server failure, so the Load Balancers only direct requests to healthy targets. 
    • Users can integrate their Load Balancers into their Hetzner Cloud Networks, allowing them to create a single point of entry from the Internet into their infrastructure. 
    • The proxy protocol provides a convenient way to transport connection information such as a client's IP through to users' servers.


    As with the Hetzner Cloud servers, the payment methods for Load Balancers are transparent and flexible. There is no minimum contract period; users can pay by the hour or until they reach the monthly price limit. And they can simply delete their Load Balancer when they're done with them.

    More information on Hetzner Cloud Load Balancers is located here.

    All prices excl. VAT.

  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

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