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  • Corona crisis: Hetzner Online supports self-help contact organization "Kiss Mittelfranken" with up to 100 Storage Share instances
  • Gunzenhausen, Germany – 15. April 2020

    KissOn Logo transparent klThe self-help contact organization "Kiss Mittelfranken" has created a platform for digital communication called Kiss.On. (In German, "Kiss" is short for "contact information for self-help"; the group operates in Central Franconia, a region in Germany). For it's IT infrastructure, Kiss.On relies on a donation from Hetzner Online. The company has provided up to 100 of its Storage Share instances for the organization to use for one year almost free of charge. This allows self-help groups to use Kiss.On to have virtual meetings.

    "Health and medical data is sensitive and must be specially protected. Thanks to the support of Hetzner Online GmbH, Kiss Mittelfranken now offers a secure, virtual alternative to other communication platforms such as WhatsApp. With the Storage Share based platform Kiss.On, it is possible for people throughout Central Franconia to connect with each other on a wide variety of topics", said Kiss Mittelfranken Managing Director Gabriele Lagler.

    Self-help is very important. No one knows this better than the people at Kiss Mittelfranken, which has worked for 40 years to provide contact and information centers for self-help groups in Central Franconia. By exchanging experiences and support, the people who use self-help platforms get the emotional support and motivation they need. It provides practical life help for these patients, and for their families and support groups. As Gabriele Lagler put it: "Joint self-help makes you stronger."

    With Bavaria's current strong social distancing policies, patients are facing disruptions in their everyday routines and have limited face-to-face contact with the people who normally help them. This creates serious challenges for patients and caregivers.

    According to Gabriele Lagler, especially in cases involving addiction problems, chronic diseases, anxiety or depression, this lack of mutual support in everyday life can be an additional test of strength, not only for patients, but also for their relatives. This makes regular communication all the more important so that everyone can express their concerns as usual and thus maintain a form of daily routine.

    Christian Fitz, Head of Marketing at Hetzner Online, is pleased that the Storage Share instances will help to provide a central harbor for the approximately 15,000 people who regularly visit self-help groups in Central Franconia.

    You can find more information about Kiss Mittelfranken at https://kiss-mfr.de/englisch/ and technical details about Hetzner Online's Storage Share packages at https://www.hetzner.com/storage/storage-share

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