• Helsinki – 23. August 2018

    Together with more than 300 invited guests, Hetzner celebrated the official opening of the Data Center Park Helsinki in Finland on 23 August 2018. The ceremonies were honored by the presence of Member of Parliament Antti Kaikkonen who commended the entrepreneurial foresight of the company's founder Martin Hetzner and was happy to have one the most successful companies in the web hosting industry in his area.

    Data Center Park Helsinki Data Center Park Helsinki Data Center Park Helsinki

    The companies within the Hetzner Group provide private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. Hetzner Finland Oy was founded in 2015 as part of the Group, and it applies in its operations the expertise of the German Hetzner Online GmbH. The Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki and its data solutions serve Hetzner clients

    Hetzner’s first Finnish data center went online in March this year. The new location in Helsinki complements Hetzner Online's two existing German data center parks in Falkenstein and Nuremberg, and strengthens the company’s strong presence in Europe. Hetzner Finland plans to eventually build as many as 20 data center units on its 150,000 square meter site.

    The construction phase of the first three buildings, each of which are 4,000 square meters and consists of two data centers, should be completed by the end of this year. As the demand in Helsinki grows, each of the data centers will become operational.

    Hetzner Online is also currently planning to expand both of its data center parks in Germany, since demand for servers in these locations have been growing steadily since 2009, when the first German park opened.

    The Data Center Park Helsinki already has the majority of Hetzner Online’s product range on offer for data center clients worldwide. In addition to the data center that started operations in March, Hetzner Finland is preparing to launch the Colocation Center in September 2018.

    In the Colocation Center, customers will be able to connect their own hardware to Hetzner Online’s infrastructure and network.

    Due to the optimal combination of Finland’s northern climate and Hetzner Online’s own efficient data center design, the servers in Finland are even more cost-effective than at Hetzner’s German locations.

    Hetzner Online has built over 20 data centers in Germany, and has succeeded in creating highly energy-efficient facilities by using free-air cooling. For example, the iconic slanted roof is designed to direct hot air from the servers to outside the data center. In addition, the company closely monitors the energy-effiency of the hardware and network components it uses in its data centers. This way, the data centers minimize both  energy usage and excess heat generation.

    Finland has a much cooler climate than Germany, making data centers there easier to cool. This, combined with lower electricity prices in Finland, allows Hetzner Online to pass the savings onto its customers who order dedicated root servers at Data Center Park Helsinki.

    “Our server pricing in Finland is lower throughout our dedicated servers lines due to Finland’s favorable energy pricing. This price difference is attractive to many of our customers,” says Daniel Biller, Head of Development at Hetzner Online.

    To ensure that customer data is always safe and sound, Data Center Park Helsinki, like all Hetzner data centers, employs a redundant power supply, optimal temperature conditions (using direct free cooling), early warning fire alarms, and a team of 24/7 support technicians. And naturally, access to the data centers themselves are very restricted.

    Data stored in Hetzner's data centers will be processed in accordance with strict European Union data protection regulations, and will be protected with tight physical security measures.

    Hetzner Online employs over 250 people in Germany. The Helsinki location currently has about 25 permanent employees, and this number will rise over the coming years as more data centers go live. Hetzner Finland
    mainly hires professionals in IT, electricity, and construction.

    Visit Hetzner Data Center Park in Falkenstein, Germany https://www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/360-tour/

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  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

    Hetzner Online, with hundreds of thousands of servers in operation, is one of the largest data center operators in Europe. Since its founding in 1997, Hetzner has provided private and business customers with powerful hosting products and reliable IT infrastructure. By combining its strengths in innovative technology, attractive prices, expert support, and flexible customer service, Hetzner has expanded its market both within and outside Germany and Europe. Hetzner, a German company, owns and operates its own high tech data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virigina and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA).