• 01. December 2015

    Florian Snow did not just complete his apprenticeship as a software developer at Hetzner Online, but rather he passed his course of studies with flying colors, and therefore received special recognition from the Middle Franconian government. Its State Prize is presented only to students at the top of their graduating class. 

    Florian had started a course of study to become a teacher, but he did not like that it lacked the practical and hands-on knowledge that he craved. He then started looking for other options. In addition to working with people, Florian has always had a strong interest in software development and computers, so doing an apprenticeship in IT just seemed to make sense. Hetzner Online, which had already been training people in this field for several years, was an obvious choice. 

    “IT experts are the key players in the future of internet applications, and we are proud of our apprentices who we have taken on as fully-fledged employees. Florian has a lot of enthusiasm for his work and is a respected member of our team. In addition to his excellent IT expertise, he makes use of his invaluable pedagogical skills,” explained Stephan Konvickova, CTO at Hetzner Online. Hetzner Online would like to make use of the teaching experience that Florian gained at university and plans to put him in charge of future apprentices and interns in the company's software development department. 

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