• Principal Sister Juliane Mahnel and Reverend Hahn were delighted to receive the donation from Head of Marketing Christian Fitz and Personnel Officer Eva Michel during a welcome back assembly.

    Gunzenhausen/Germany – 01. September 2014

    Pupils at Hensoltshöhe Girls' School in Gunzenhausen can look forward to new media equipment for their classrooms. Hetzner Online has donated 7,000 euros towards the project. 

    Over the past decades, the secondary school has repeatedly set new standards in terms of providing contemporary education and training for its pupils. The school enjoys an excellent reputation beyond regional borders for its educational, practical and social competence. 

    For financial reasons, however, it had not been possible for the secondary girls' school to make the same advancement in terms of providing pupils with more modern media facilities. The Hensoltshöhe diocese association, which runs the school, therefore decided to invest in "green" IT and commissioned the fitting out of a modern computer lab and classroom for the school. Classrooms still remained equipped with simple overhead projectors, however, which after decades of use were no longer suitable for contemporary teaching. 

    To commemmorate recent anniversary celebrations and with the support of school benefactors, in particular Hetzner Online, the majority of classrooms have now been equipped with new multi-media technology. This includes digital projects and visualiser cameras which will enrich teaching in many respects. Now, with this technology, teaching materials can be enlarged, computer technology connected, images transferred, photos taken, videos made and much more. This will allow for greater ease in terms of lesson preparation by teaching staff and create opportunities for delivering varied and interesting lessons as well as enhance pupils' modern skills of presentation. 

    Principal Sister Juliane Mahnel and staff of the secondary girls' school are delighted with the response to the project and the support received, from Hetzner Online in particular, without which renewal of such outdated technology would not have been possible. 

    Media has become an integral part of daily life. Hetzner Online too is interested in encouraging pupils to take an interest in technology from an early age and follow possible careers in the IT sector. "We are always looking for suitable apprentices and are delighted to be able to help support pupils on their career path," said Christian Fitz at the official presentation of the donation during a welcome back assembly to mark the start of the new school year. 

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