• "Tetra Team" team member Christian Humpenöder (at right) explains the professional handcycle's technical specifications to Hetzner Online Marketing Manager, Christian Fitz.

    Gunzenhausen/Germany – 01. June 2013

    Local Gunzenhausen man Christian Humpenöder accepted a brand new handcycle on behalf of the "Tetra Team" from sponsors Hetzner Online. 

    "Tetra" is an abbreviation of the term tetraplegic, as all members of the team have a form of paraplegia. The Zumarshausen Sports Club team comprises 17 members and is the only team of its kind in the world. The "Tetra Team" first achieved fame following a 72 hour, 1,100 kilometre tour of Germany which was broadcast on German television nationwide. 

    "We are delighted with the sponsorship we have received from Hetzner Online. The new professional handcycle will help us interest newcomers to the team in this kind of sport and at the same time offer a whole new outlook," says Christian Humpenöder. 

    "The ambition of the team is particularly impressive. With our sponsorship, we hope to make both the team and its work even more well-known," comments Christian Fitz, Marketing Manager at Hetzner Online. 

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