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    Rackreihen mit Kaltgangeinhausung im Hetzner Online Colocation Center (Foto: Hetzner Online AG)

    Nürnberg/Falkenstein – 1. February 2013

    Web hosting provider and data center operator Hetzner Online is now offering new colocation services in addition to its classic portfolio of webhosting and server products at both Nuremberg and Falkenstein/Vogtland locations in Germany. Here clients can house their own server hardware in one of the most energy-efficient data center parks in Germany and take advantage of the most modern IT infrastructure at attractive prices. 

    With the new offers starting at 199 euros monthly (plus one-time setup fee, prices incl. 19% VAT) clients profit from an uninterruptible supply of power, fast Internet connection, security concept and 24/7 on-site customer service. Clients have access to the colocation area around the clock via a transponder-controlled secured entrance area. Appointments for visits and access authorization can be set in advance via the administration interface. The duration of the visit is monitored from the time of entering the data center to the time of departure with data made available in the administration interface. 

    The separately secured 19 inch colocation racks offer up to 47 rack height units. Each individual quality rack has up to four power circuits, each with ten amp loads. All circuits are installed on a redundant basis via A/B line. The price for power is individually calculated per rack. 

    Direct free cooling is used for cooling the IT hardware. As opposed to traditional systems, this method uses external air for cooling. If the outdoor temperature rises, the system automatically goes into mixed mode and the air is cooled using compressors. Hetzner Online has been awarded the "GreenIT Best Practice Award" for this concept at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin. The company have furthermore been certified with an excellent energy-efficiency ratio of 1.1242 from the international certification agency TÜV Süd, the best result ever recorded during TÜV certification. 

    In addition to extra deep racks, clients benefit from energy-efficient cold aisle containment on booking the "Colocation Rack Advanced" offer. Here a strict separation of warm and cold air areas prevents thermal recirculation thereby lowering energy consumption. Cold air is conducted via above-average raised flooring into the enclosed corridor and released through the racks into the air outside. 

    Clients with a high level of individual requirements have the option of hiring areas of space from 20 square meters in the form of "cages". In total, more than 3,500 square meters of colocation space is available at both locations. 

    This solution offers clear advantages: Instead of investing in expensive IT infrastructure, companies can channel their investments into their core business. Especially firms from the region can benefit from the fast accessibility the Colocation Centers offer. 

  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

    Hetzner Online, with hundreds of thousands of servers in operation, is one of the largest data center operators in Europe. Since its founding in 1997, Hetzner has provided private and business customers with powerful hosting products and reliable IT infrastructure. By combining its strengths in innovative technology, attractive prices, expert support, and flexible customer service, Hetzner has expanded its market both within and outside Germany and Europe. Hetzner, a German company, owns and operates its own high tech data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virigina and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA).