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  • Hetzner launches new dedicated vCPU cloud servers with AMD Epyc™ CPUs at unbeatable prices
  • Gunzenhausen/Germany – 23. August 2023

    Hetzner, the German hosting and cloud provider, has just introduced six new powerful dedicated vCPU Cloud Servers, which give users un-shared vCPU power, and start at just € 11.99 per month, making them the best price-performance offer currently on the market.

    “With these new CCX Cloud Server plans, customers can secure dedicated vCPU resources from the latest AMD processor generations from the AMD EPYC™ Genoa and Milan lines, and enormously improve the performances of their professional digital infrastructure”, explained Markus Schade, Team Lead for the Cloud Platform division at Hetzner. Since the vCPU cores are guaranteed to be configured exclusively for each customer, they experience consistent and stable performance, and are not negatively affected by other users. That makes these models especially suitable for production-ready applications and enterprise level processes, plus use cases that are compute-heavy and require low latencies. In addition to the included CPU, RAM, and storage, the plans’ traffic is based on a sliding scale, so the bigger the plan, the more traffic users get right now — up to 60 TB of it.

    The new Cloud Server plans are available in all of Hetzner’s European and US data center locations. And as always, users can choose between Hetzner’s two flexible and transparent payment options: at a monthly price without any required minimum contract period, or if the server only exists for a smaller amount of time, Hetzner only charges customers the lower hourly fee.

    Customers profit from the extraordinary price-performance ratio of Hetzner’s new Cloud Servers and from their rich, tried and tested feature set. A month after this launch, these new servers will completely replace the previous line of dedicated vCPU Cloud servers.

    For more about the new Cloud Servers, go to https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

    Price excl. VAT.

  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

    Hetzner Online, with hundreds of thousands of servers in operation, is one of the largest data center operators in Europe. Since its founding in 1997, Hetzner has provided private and business customers with powerful hosting products and reliable IT infrastructure. By combining its strengths in innovative technology, attractive prices, expert support, and flexible customer service, Hetzner has expanded its market both within and outside Germany and Europe. Hetzner, a German company, owns and operates its own high tech data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virigina and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA).