• Gunzenhausen/Germany – 12. April 2023

    Earlier today, Hetzner, the German hosting and cloud provider launched four new Hetzner Cloud servers, the first ones at Hetzner to use innovative Arm technology. They come with up to 16 vCPUs based on Ampere® Altra® processors. “Ampere’s extremely efficient and powerful Arm-based cloud native processors have been impressing users since their release. They also provide an exciting alternative to AMD and Intel CPUs, which until now, were the two main options for Hetzner Cloud servers. With the new Arm64 Cloud instances, we can give our customers more options and flexibility, and at an amazing price-to-performance ratio,” explained Markus Schade, Teamlead for Cloud Platform at Hetzner. Over a year ago, Hetzner announced a new partnership with Ampere, and introduced a dedicated server which is based on Arm64. “With the Hetzner CAX cloud servers built on the Ampere® Altra® Family of Cloud Native Processors, customers worldwide now get access to the most efficient cloud infrastructure available,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “Combining high performance, price effectiveness, and the most sustainable compute available today, Hetzner customers no longer need to compromise to get more for less when renting CAX Cloud Servers.”

    Hetzner’s new “CAX”-line of cloud server plans come with up to 32 GB of ECC RAM and up to 320 GB of NVMe SSD-based storage. Thanks to their excellent performance, the cloud plans are ideal for web servers that receive lots of visitors, for servers used to run various apps, and for other demanding workloads. If users need to scale up later, it is easy to add more resources at any time to suit a growing use case, for example, by adding more SSD-based storage to their cloud server. All of Hetzner Cloud’s operating systems images and 1-click apps support the extensive Arm ecosystem — customers can use them just as they would with any other Hetzner Cloud servers. The architecture of the new CAX-line will allow users to natively build Arm64-based applications and cloud containers.

    To administer their cloud server, clients have access to Hetzner’s intuitive and user-friendly Cloud Console, which includes many impressive and useful features, such as the Load Balancer feature, which allows users to direct their traffic to pre-configured infrastructure, and the Networks feature, for building secure private networks. With Hetzner’s programmer-friendly REST-API and CLI tool, customers can automate processes and integrate tools from third parties. And, of course, Hetzner provides extensive documentation and programming examples to make getting started even easier.

    The new server plans start at the unbeatable prices of just € 3.79 a month, which includes an IPv4 address, and there is no setup fee or minimum contract period. If users’ servers only exist for part of the month, they will only pay for the hours when the servers existed. This hourly billing option gives customers even more flexibility and will help keep costs low.

    Hetzner has launched all four of the new cloud server models in their ISO 27001 certified data center park in Falkenstein, Germany, and will gradually add them to other locations.

    Hetzner has a reputation for providing powerful products and services and has been trusted for years by web, app, and gaming developers; business clients; and individual users. So it is not surprising that Hetzner Cloud has already won numerous prizes at the Service Provider Awards. Thousands of readers at various IT portals agree and chose Hetzner as the winner for these awards.

    See the complete overview for all cloud server plans and prices here: https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

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  • About Hetzner Online (www.hetzner.com):

    Hetzner Online, with hundreds of thousands of servers in operation, is one of the largest data center operators in Europe. Since its founding in 1997, Hetzner has provided private and business customers with powerful hosting products and reliable IT infrastructure. By combining its strengths in innovative technology, attractive prices, expert support, and flexible customer service, Hetzner has expanded its market both within and outside Germany and Europe. Hetzner, a German company, owns and operates its own high tech data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein (both in Germany) and in Helsinki, Finland, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virigina and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA).