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  • 26. October 2016

    sitehero: the complete security packet for websites

    The number of online attacks on websites has drastically increased in the last few years; approximately 2 % of all German websites have been infested. Many website administrators have unfortunately become the victims of these attackers without knowing it; then the attackers misuse the infected web space for their own purposes, often to commit crimes. This is how numerous spam mails and phishing attacks are unknowingly distributed by honest people who rent servers. In addition to malicious attacks, website administrators may quickly lose data by making quick mistake, like entering the wrong command and losing important data.

    Data loss of any kind, and the time and effort spent to restore it, carries a high price for website administrators. Not only do these website lose earnings, they also suffer from a damaged reputation. To make matters worse, a website’s Google ranking may drop as a result, which then leads to fewer people visiting the site in the future. 

    Luckily, sitehero can protect you. Their completely automated backups and server monitoring services mean that you spend a minimal amount on website administration, and you do not need to be technical genius to use it. The complete security package for websites from sitehero includes:

    – daily backups
    – change tracking
    – malware checks
    – uptime monitoring

    Backups and change tracking:
    Every single day, sitehero will perform a backup of your Internet site. In addition, it will secure your file system and your database. Each backup will clearly display useful information, like the number of edited files. Naturally, the edited content of the files are also visible. This is possible by looking at which individual lines of code have changed, making it easier to find errors and helping to root out malicious code. You will be automatically informed of any changes to your files. All backups are saved, regardless of how old they are. And thanks to sitehero’s automated recovery assistant, it is a piece of cake to recover your entire website.

    Malware checks:
    sitehero will do a daily malware check of your website to ensure that it maintains its secure status. This includes an update of the virus database that takes place ever 2 hours. Moreover, sitehero will query the Google Safe Browsing service to be sure that your website is not being blacklisted because it seems suspicious. This allows sitehero to instantly discover if it is time to clean your website.

    Uptime monitoring
    The most important thing about a website is that it must be accessible around the clock, and sitehero double checks this every 5 minutes (and will do so in even shorter intervals in the near future). This monitoring service also includes, among other things, your website’s load times, enabling your to directly see the connection between deviations in your load times and in changes you make to your website’s source code. Should your site become inaccessible for a set period of time, sitehero will immediately contact you.

    You can use sitehero regardless of who hosts your website or which systems you have in place (your own programs, CMS, etc.). The only requirement is an FTP, SFTP, or SSH connection, and should you desire it, access to your database.

    Unfortunately, 100 % security for websites simply does not exist. For this reason there are services like sitehero, which allow you to be well prepared, and should an emergency occur, to react quickly. 

    All Hetzner Online customers are granted the special privilege of testing sitehero free of cost for 14 days. And should you choose to receive sitehero’s services, you will receive a 25 % discount. You can find more information about this deal at: 

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