• 01. August 2016

    Secure your website – free of charge!

    Starting now, we at Hetzner Online, in cooperation with our security solutions partner Symantec, are offering free SSL certificates for our customers with web hosting accounts and managed servers. These customers may order multiple SSL certificates so that they also have enough for all of their sub-domains. 

    SSL certificates ensure that you can securely transfer sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card details, using a secure protocol (https://). 

    Make your website's visitors feel safe and sound: you can further secure your website by transferring data using the 256 bit encryption key.

    It's a piece of cake. Simply go to your account on our user interface konsoleH, and click on “SSL Manager” to set up your free basic SSL certificate. 

    And of course, you can also browse our wide selection of other SSL products. For a full overview of our SSL certificates, see: https://www.hetzner.de/us/hosting/ssl/zertifikat

    What can an SSL certificate do for my website?

    • Increase your authenticity: Your visitors will be able to confirm in the blink of an eye that your business is genuine. The padlock icon and the https in the URL will make them feel secure.
    • Grow your online business: An SSL certificate, by increasing trust, will lead to more visitors and more purchases.
    • Speedy and steady wins the race: Make your websites both safe and speedy with a 256 bit SSL connection. It's so quick that your website will load at normal rates.
    • Improve your Google ranking: Since search engines like Google give preference to encrypted websites, an SSL certificate can boost your rankings.