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  • 15. May 2015

    Robot Web Service: Exciting Extension for Automated Order Processing

    Robot web services enable you to perform important functions automatically 
    via a defined programming interface, for example such as starting the
    installation of operating systems, sending Wake-on-LAN signals or performing 
    script-controlled server resets.

    With the latest enhancements to the Robot Web Service, we have succeeded in 
    taking a major step towards simplifying serial order processing. Now vServers
    and dedicated root servers, provided these are standard systems, can be 
    supplied automatically via the interface, saving time on processes which 
    previously needed to be performed manually.

    And you can benefit from Hetzner Online Serverbidding, as the new feature now, 
    by means of an in-house developed program, makes it possible for you to access 
    the server auction, determine the right time to bid and place your order. 
    Saving money has never been so easy!

    Once the order has been placed, a simple overview provides you with details on
    current status as well as information about the allocated IP address and server 
    ID. Furthermore, SSH public keys can be stored in the Robot via the interface 
    and the web frontend. These keys allow for authentication without password on 
    the dedicated root server and can be used for:

    - activating the Rescue System on the web frontend and web service
    - automated Linux installation via the web frontend and web service
    - ordering servers via the web service.