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  • 6. February 2024

    .ing and .ai top level domains now available

    The new top level domain .ing is now available for € 21.00 per year and is an attractive way to create an easy-to-remember domain that is interesting for tech fields like engineering, programming, innovating, and actually any verb that can be formed with an -ing ending in English. For example, you could have a "design.ing" or "draw.ing" domain.

    The .ai domain is also becoming increasingly exciting. Originally, the domain was associated with the Caribbean island Anguilla, but has been gaining popularity across the globe with companies and organizations who work with AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and other related fields. The .ai domain costs € 115 a year (registration and billing for two years).

    You can order these two domains, and a wide selection of others, by going to the konsoleH administration interface.
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    All prices excl. VAT.

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