• 01. June 2016

    New: Managed vServer

    Starting now you can get Hetzner Online's first ever vServer that also includes setup and server administration support!

    The new Managed vServer MC40 is equipped with 2 vCores, 8 GB guaranteed RAM, and swift 200 GB SSDs for top performance at a competitive price. 

    Of course, this vServer also includes traffic and an excellent connection. It also comes with valuable features such as the 7-day backup function, which can be used for individual files, directories, a complete account, and the entire server. Functions like this make the MC40 an irresistible offer.

    You can get your hands on this new managed server for a mere € 49 a month plus a one-time setup fee of € 49. 

    For a complete overview of this server's features, see: 

    All prices are excl. VAT.