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  • 25. July 2023

    New Dedicated Server DX182 and DX293 with Dell namebrand hardware

    With the DX182 and DX293, Hetzner has unveiled two new dedicated servers based on tried and true Dell hardware, making them a cut above the rest. The Dell PowerEdge™ R6615 DX182 has a shiny new AMD EPYC™ 9454P CPU at its center. An impressive 48 cores using Genoa (Zen4) architecture deliver the professional grade processing power you need for intense workloads. Thanks to the chips’s simultaneous multithreading and virtualisation technology (AMD-V), you can shred through multiple processes in parallel and optimize your resource efficiency. The 128 GB of DDR5 ECC RAM in the base configuration is just the beginning; it can go up to as high as 768 GB for an additional fee.

    The crown jewel is the Dedicated Server Dell PowerEdge™ R660 DX293 with its twin Intel® Xeon® Gold 6438Y+ 32-core “Sapphire Rapids” CPUs and 64 GB of DDR5 RAM for maximum power. Intel-VT allows you to efficiently and flexibly manage your resources. As with the DX182, the amount of RAM is configurable. You can choose to have as much as 1024 GB of DDR5 ECC memory. And you can add up to as many as 10 additional drives for a fee. These drives are hot-swap capable, meaning you can add or exchange them while your system is running. Both of these high-end servers also include other valuable hardware features such as the Dell PERC11 H755 RAID Controller, the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) for more server administration options, and a redundant hot-plug capable power supply unit.

    For just € 259.00 a month, the DX182 and two included IPv4 addresses can be yours, or you can get the DX293 and two IPv4 addresses for a mere € 299.00 a month; both servers have a one-time setup fee of just € 79.00. Due to more powerful hardware, the price per core is reduced by up to 38 percent compared to the previous generations of these models!

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