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  • 27. February 2024

    Multitasking at its finest: the new Dedicated Server AX162 with AMD EPYC™ 9454P

    Let us introduce you to the AX162, Hetzner’s new dedicated server, which actually comes in two variations, the AX162-R and AX162-S. Both models house the AMD EPYC™ Genoa 9454P processor, whose architecture is 4th generation and is specially designed for intense workloads that require parallel processing. Its 48 cores and 96 threads double the CPU performance from the previous generation thanks to its simultaneous multithreading technology and Zen 4 core architecture. An additional boost is the AMD-V virtualisation function, which is ideal with use cases involving virtualisation and high performance computing.

    The AX162-R’s base configuration is equipped with more RAM to speed up your task executions and file access speeds: you get 256 GB of DDR5 ECC reg. RAM plus 2 x 1.92 TB Gen4 Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs. The AX162-S’s base configuration is more storage heavy for use cases with quickly growing storage requirements: it comes with 2 x 3.84 TB Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs and 128 GB of DDR5 ECC reg. RAM.

    Naturally, you can configure both AX162 models to fit your specific requirements. You can scale up the memory in increments, up to an unbelievable total of 1152 GB of DDR5 ECC reg RAM. And if you need more storage capacity, you can add up to 8 Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs or 2 SATA Enterprise HDDs in various sizes.

    The price is also impressive: The AX162 is available including an IPv4 address from just € 199.00 plus a one-off setup fee of just € 79.00.

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