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  • 19. March 2018

    Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki goes live!

    After two years of planning and construction, the first unit in our new Data Center Park Helsinki will become operational. You can now choose Finland as a location for a range of products when you make an order. In addition, by selecting Finland as a location, you may now benefit from reduced prices on some models, such as the EX41-SSD Dedicated Root Server. Additional models and price reductions will appear gradually over the next few months.

    Finland has a much cooler climate than Germany, making our new data centers there easier to cool; this combined with Finland's much lower electricity prices, allow us at Hetzner Online to pass the savings onto you, our customer.

    Our first data center unit in Helsinki has 1,500 square meters of floor space, enough to house approximately 30,000 servers.

    The site for Data Center Park Helsinki is a total of 150,000 square meters, and another 5 data center units are already under construction. The next unit scheduled for completion will also house a colocation center in which you, the customer, can connect your own hardware to our infrastructure and network.

    Data Center Park Helsinki builds upon the technical and aesthetic design we at Hetzner Online already developed in our German data center parks. Therefore, the Finnish park's infrastructure will reach an especially high level in energy efficiency and accessibility. Naturally, our innovative direct free cooling system and redundant power supply will be in operation in the Finnish data center park.

    Furthermore, data stored in our Data Center Park Helsinki will be processed in accordance with strict European Union data protection regulations, and will be protected with tight physical security measures.

    With our new Finnish location, we at Hetzner Online will strengthen our growing infrastructure, network coverage, and network redundancy, thereby expanding our presence in the international market.

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