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  • 01. December 2016

    Free firewall for your dedicated root servers!


    With our stateless firewall feature, Hetzner Online has implemented yet another security measure to protect your dedicated root server, and it is naturally free of cost. Stateless firewalls allow you to define your own filtering settings for traffic, such as the IPv4 source addresses or the TCP/UDP sender port. You will be able to change these settings simply by logging onto your account on the customer interface Robot and going to the "Firewall" menu tab.

    With stateless firewalls, or static firewalls, data packets are not unpacked; rather, the head of each individual packet is inspected, and depending on the pre-defined settings, the firewall will decide whether to allow or reject these packets. In this way, the firewall prevents unpermitted access to your server.

    However, with firewalls, it is important to remember that they do not actually recognize attempted attacks themselves. They only enforce a set of pre-defined rules for network communications. 

    In addition to Hetzner Online's recently introduced DDoS protection, we are now offering our stateless firewall feature; therefore, you have yet another security guard to protect your dedicated root server from Internet dangers.