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  • 02. March 2015

    Special: All Colocation Racks with Free Setup!

    Hetzner Online provides you with trouble-free and cost-efficient housing of your individual systems in a separate-for-you colocation rack in its state-of-the-art and energy-efficient Colocation Centers located in Nuremberg and Falkenstein.Save...

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  • 01. February 2015

    Special: All Managed Servers with Free Setup!

    Join in the fun with Hetzner Online! Special Carnival deal: All managedservers with free setup!In Rio they dance the samba, in Cologne they sing songs and HetznerOnline is getting into...

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  • 19. January 2015

    New Dell Servers for the Highest Standards

    Hetzner Online is now offering two new Dell servers for even higherand more scaleable business hosting performance on a branded hardwarelevel.

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  • 01. January 2015

    New managed servers with SSD drives for increased speed

    New to the product portfolio are two more managed servers with SSD drives for faster reading speed.

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  • 08. December 2014

    Cyber Weeks: New vServers!

    Now we are offering you even more powerful vServers with guaranteed RAM at very good value for money.The three new vServers are all equipped with considerably more systemresources.

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  • 04. December 2014

    Cyber Weeks: Price Down! - Traffic Up!

    The traffic usage price for permanently exceeding the traffic limit has been reduced by 30 per cent.

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  • 01. December 2014

    Cyber Weeks: Traffic Price Permanently Reduced!

    Hetzner Online has reduced the price for exceeding the traffic limit on dedicated root servers, vServers, managed servers, colocation and colocation racks permanently from € 1.67 to € 1.17 per...

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  • 01. November 2014

    Special: Dedicated Root Server without Setup Fee!

    You now have time until the end of the month to order the PX60, PX60-SSD, PX70 or PX70-SSD Dedicated Root Server without setup fee.

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  • 30. August 2014

    Hetzner Online Again 'funkschau' Reader Awards Winner

    The winners of the 'funkschau' German IT journal's 2014 Carrier & Provider awards have been revealed.

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