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  • 17. September 2018

    404 Setup Not Found - Setup fee freebie for EX51-SSD-GPU

    Oops, something strange has happened! The setup fee for the Dedicated Root Server EX51-SSD-GPU cannot be found! Perhaps this occurance will be remedied soon by our team.

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  • 04. September 2018

    vSwitch - Set up virtual networks now

    With the vSwitch feature, Hetzner Online has created a tool that lets you connect your dedicated root servers in multiple locations to each other using VLAN.

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  • 23. August 2018

    Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki celebrates official opening

    Together with more than 300 invited guests, Hetzner celebrated the official opening of the Data Center Park Helsinki in Finland on 23 August 2018.

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  • 07. August 2018


    Hetzner Cloud has just launched 5 Dedicated vCPU Server models to give you better performance and flexibility.

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  • 06. August 2018

    So much space - The new storage servers SX132 and SX292

    Hetzner Online has outdone itself once again with the new SX models. The new Dedicated Root Servers SX132 and SX292 provide almost twice as much memory and RAM as their...

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  • 24. July 2018

    Hetzner Online is one of the top 50 Bavarian companies

    Continuous growth speaks for itself - Hetzner Online just received the "Bavaria's Best 50" award for the fourth time.

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  • 16. July 2018

    Order now and save the whole setup fee!

    The World Cup is history. For Germany, a misery. Despite all that, it was still a lot of fun.

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  • 02. July 2018

    Hetzner Online launches new generation of managed servers

    Want the performance of a dedicated server, but without the stress administering it yourself? We've got the answer.

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  • 15. June 2018

    Play Server Soccer and win a trip to Finland!

    Are you as excited about the World Cup as we are? The games have sparked some playfulness in us, so we created the game Server Soccer, which you can now...

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  • 22. May 2018

    Hetzner Online was awarded with the Hosting & Service Provider Award 2018

    For the third time, Hetzner Online attended the Hosting & Service Provider Awards ceremony at the HSP Summit in Frankfurt/Germany.

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