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  • 01. July 2020

    Free DNS management solution: Hetzner DNS Console

    The new DNS Console is an intuitive tool you can use to manage DNS zones and records, and which works together with our authoritative nameservers.

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  • 22. June 2020

    Free beta-test: Load Balancers for Hetzner Cloud have arrived

    Hetzner Cloud's new Load Balancers are here! Load Balancers help you to scale your apps more easily, while also improving your app's availability and performance.

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  • 20. April 2020

    New AX61-NVMe Dedicated Root Server: The perfect mixture of entry-level and professional grade

    Experience the impressive performance of the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 in our new AX61-NVMe Dedicated Root Server.

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  • 15. April 2020

    Hetzner Cloud: Now even more EPYC with AMD's CPU

    We have just expanded our Cloud Server lineup: starting now, you can deploy instances with the multi-threaded performance of AMD's EPYC 2nd generation Rome processors! These Hetzner Cloud packages are...

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  • 06. April 2020

    New Dedicated Root Server DX181: EPYC Performance for demanding workloads

    Dell is renowned for reliability, and now you can profit from the performance of AMD EPYC's second generation CPU, all in one package.

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  • 18. March 2020

    We are continually available for you!

    In view of the momentary developments we are all facing unusual challenges. We at Hetzner Online are analyzing the situation with each new day and taking action to hinder the...

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  • 10. March 2020

    New Dedicated Root Server AX161: Take it to the next level of performance

    Starting now we have a new server in store for you: the Dedicated Root Server AX161.

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  • 02. March 2020

    Starting now there is direct peering with Deutsche Telekom

    We at Hetzner Online want our customers to have strong network connections and an overall positive experience.

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  • 14. February 2020

    Delivery dates not guaranteed for AX41, AX41-NVMe, AX51, and AX51-NVMe dedicated root servers

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee when we will be able to deploy orders with these models: AX41, AX41-NVMe, AX51, and AX51-NVMe dedicated root servers.

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  • 04. February 2020

    konsoleH: New security feature for databases

    Starting now you can use a new feature to secure the databases on your Hetzner Online web hosting account.

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