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  • 10. July 2019

    Test the new Cloud feature "Networks" in its beta phase!

    The beta phase of our new Cloud feature "Networks" has just begun. And we need your feedback! With "Networks", you can create and manage private networks so you can connect...

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  • 01. July 2019

    Data Center Park Falkenstein turns 10 - free setup special!

    For our jubilee, setup fees are taking a holiday. This month, we're celebrating a milestone in the history of our company.

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  • 27. June 2019

    New konsoleH feature: Open additional ports

    To create the maximum level of security for our konsoleH customers, we block non-standard ports on our servers by default.

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  • 28. May 2019

    Hosting & Service Provider Awards 2019: "Platinum" for Hetzner Online

    The results are in for this year's reader's choice award presented by Vogel IT-Medien: first place (Platinum) went to Hetzner Online in the "Webhosting" category.

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  • 08. May 2019

    Internet exchange point N-IX directly in the Data Center Park Nuremberg

    The Nuremberg Internet Exchange (N-IX), which has several locations in Nuremberg, provides fast and cost-effective data exchange in northern Bavaria.

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  • 03. April 2019

    The Custom Software Installer: a new tool for our managed servers

    Our Managed Server team has just made you a time-saver: the Custom Software Installer. Use it to easily install additional software with the SSH command line.

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  • 01. April 2019

    An upgrade for all web hosting accounts

    We've just upgraded all of our web hosting account levels, but kept them at the same low prices! You'll notice several clear improvements.

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  • 18. March 2019

    Fast and reliable - the new PX62-NVMe and PX62 Dedicated Root Servers

    Lots of coffee, sweat and tears - is that what it takes to bring new dedicated root server models to market?! Actually, it's more like collecting the best samples and...

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  • 14. March 2019

    Hetzner Online Community - Learn. Share. Grow.

    Spring into action and become part of the Hetzner Online Community right from the start! Show off your know-how and get inspiration for your projects.

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  • 12. March 2019

    Dedicated Root Server DX180 with high quality hardware from DELL

    We've brought Dell and AMD together in one house. Our newest Dell server features the AMD EPYC 7551P processor with 32 cores and 128 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM.

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