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  • The new Dedicated Root Server PX93: High performance computing for intense workloads
  • 14. December 2020

    The new Dedicated Root Server PX93: High performance computing for intense workloads

    Virtualisation, AI, machine learning and creative applications — all of these use cases require high performance computing from a dedicated root server. Plus, the wide variety of today's workloads and requirements can make finding the right server difficult.

    Hetzner's Dedicated Root Server PX93 is the answer. We've mounted it with the top tier 18-core Intel Xeon W-2295 processor, which is based on second generation Cascade Lake architecture. Cascade Lake helps to maximize your hardware investment. It delegates workloads to cores to optimize performance on tasks that have both high and low CPU requirements, powering through jobs in a flash. The W-2295's 18 cores and 36 threads make it ideal for improving performance on machine learning and AI workloads or with 3D rendering, motion graphics, and video and image editing. Intel's cutting edge Vector Neural Network Instruction Set (VNNI) technology accelerates deep learning and can process multiple operations in parallel on a 8-bit instruction set. 

    We've made the PX93 as flexible as possible, so you can completely configure your storage drives. Mix and match NVMe SSDs, HDDs, SATA SSDs of various sizes, and add more as your needs grow. In addition, the PX93 comes with 128 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM in the base model, but you can add more RAM in 32 GB increments up to a maximum of 256 GB.

    The PX93 can be yours for only € 119 a month and a one-time setup fee of € 119 (without VAT).

    Check out the specs!

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