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  • 3. November 2021

    Hetzner Goes USA! – Hetzner opens new location for cloud servers

    Our first location in the USA is live! Hetzner cloud servers are now available in Ashburn. Together with Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Helsinki, you can now choose between four locations in three different countries and on two continents.

    The new U.S. location Ashburn, Virginia, is in a region nicknamed Data Center Alley, one of the most important data center capitals in the world. Now, you can also profit from the strategic location and the global interconnectivity of the location. And North American users can finally get to experience Hetzner with the same low latency and attractive prices that have already made us one of the largest and most trusted cloud hosting providers in Europe.

    Are you an AMD fan? Then you'll be happy to hear that all our AMD-based cloud server models are ready and waiting for you in Ashburn. Plus, you can use all our cloud features from there. So use our feature "Networks", for example, to create private networks in Ashburn, or use "Volumes" to expand the storage capacity of your cloud server.

    Get started now! You can find an overview of all locations and features here.

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