• 16. October 2018

    Free beta test: Hetzner Cloud Volumes

    We at Hetzner Online are excited to announce a free beta test for our new Hetzner Cloud block storage product, which is called "Volumes". You can participate in the month-long beta test for free, and use Volumes to scale up the storage on your Hetzner Cloud servers. For the beta test, you can use up to 10 Volumes and a maximum of 100 GB of SSD storage for all your Volumes together.

    Since each Hetzner Cloud server allows you to mount as many as five Volumes, this tool will allow you to quickly grow your storage by creating new Volumes within seconds.  

    When the free beta test is over, you'll continue to have access to your Volumes at our famously low prices: they will cost only €0.04/GB per month. So 100 GB will cost you a mere €4.00 a month. The minimum size will be 10 GB and the maximum is 10 TB. And since the tool allows you to adjust Volume sizes in 1 GB increments, you only buy the exact amount of storage that you need.

    To scale up your Hetzner Cloud Server with flexible block storage, just go to console.hetzner.cloud!

    We are looking forward to receiving your feedback, comments, and suggestions in our Discussion Forum and at support-cloud@hetzner.com.

    Prices excl. VAT.

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