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  • 29. September 2020

    Hetzner Cloud Load Balancers now support dedicated root servers as a target

    Hetzner Cloud's new Load Balancers are in general availability since 11 August 2020.

    Load Balancers help you to scale your apps more easily, while also improving your apps' availability and performance. They automatically distribute incoming traffic to your background infrastructure. Common use cases include TLS termination and passthrough, which the new Load Balancers naturally support. 

    After the beta, there were new features added, including the most recent and unique one, that customers have been waiting for: Besides cloud servers, it is now also possible to add Hetzner dedicated root servers as a target to your Load Balancer.

    Also, there are more plans you can choose from, giving you the ability to create Load Balancers with up to 30 Services, 150 Targets, and 50 SSL Certificates. Upgrading or downgrading to a different plan is always possible without deleting your Load Balancer.

    Furthermore, you can get stats displayed on "open connections", "connections per second", "HTTP requests per second" and "bandwidth", giving you even more insights into the performance of your Load Balancers.
    You can get your hands on a Load Balancer for just € 4.90 a month or € 0.008 an hour. Just like the Cloud Servers, there is 20 TB of included traffic.

    As with the Hetzner Cloud servers, the payment methods for Load Balancers are transparent and flexible. There is no minimum contract period; you can pay by the hour and simply delete your Load Balancers when you're done with them.

    Want to see more information? Check out the features for Hetzner Cloud Load Balancers here.

    All prices excl. VAT. 

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