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  • 17. September 2018

    404 Setup Not Found - Setup fee freebie for EX51-SSD-GPU

    Oops, something strange has happened! The setup fee for the Dedicated Root Server EX51-SSD-GPU cannot be found! Perhaps this occurance will be remedied soon by our team.

    But until then, you can use this opportunity to order the Dedicated Root Server EX51-SSD-GPU without the normal setup fee. So if you act quick, you could save €99.00!

    But use caution. This model has an extremly powerful, top-of-the-line GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics card. Its parallel architecture means that it can handle various processes simultaneously and efficiently, amplifying this server's overall performance. It will make quick work of large amounts of graphical data, regardless of whether the data consists of images or video.

    Until our technicians are able to find the setup fee again, you can order this server starting at €94.00, and it is now also available in Finland.

    To see a complete overview with additional features, go here.

    Prices excl. VAT.

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