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  • Total external bandwidth increased to 5.27 Tbit/s
  • 1. August 2019

    Total external bandwidth increased to 5.27 Tbit/s

    <p>Our network here at Hetzner stands for two things: rapid data transmission and a high level of redundancy. Therefore, we are constantly optimizing and expanding our network to handle the ever-growing amount of traffic. <br><br>One part of our recent network upgrades was to expand our external network by increasing bandwidth. So we have also physically expanded our network and added new POPs (points of presence) in Paris and London. And we had these POPs redundantly connected between Nuremberg and Amsterdam. <br><br>These new POPs in London and Paris opened new doors to further well-known peering points, such as France-IX or LINX, giving us access to new peerings as well as Private Network Interconnects (PNIs). This has allowed us to reduce our dependency on transit connections. We have removed two PNIs, since they were not able to meet our new capacity requirements.<br><br>We were able to increase our total external bandwidth by a whopping 1.24 Tbit/s to a new total of 5.27 Tbit/s. To see a full overview of all of our peering points, transits, and PNIs, go <a href="">here</a>.</p>

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