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  • 10. July 2019

    Test the new Cloud feature "Networks" in its beta phase!

    The beta phase of our new Cloud feature "Networks" has just begun. And we need your feedback! With "Networks", you can create and manage private networks so you can connect your Hetzner Cloud servers to each other.

    Use the feature to create complex network topologies, which is especially useful for running your Kubernetes cluster or a set of private database servers.

    Do you not have a Hetzner Cloud server yet? That's not a problem! Get one now by going to the Cloud Console interface using your Hetzner Account login, or create a new account at console.hetzner.cloud.

    Naturally, participating in the beta test is free of cost, and once the beta test is over, using the "Networks" feature will also be free. Plus, you will be able to keep any configurations that you have created during the beta phase.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to support-cloud@hetzner.com. Your insights will help our team to optimize the "Networks" feature.

    You can find more information in these FAQs.

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