• 27. June 2019

    New konsoleH feature: Open additional ports

    To create the maximum level of security for our konsoleH customers, we block non-standard ports on our servers by default. However, there may be cases where you need to access a service that is running on one of these blocked ports. Thanks to a new feature from our konsoleH team, you can now open specific ports without having to write a support ticket. The feature is called "Open additional ports", and you can configure open ports to suit your personal needs.

    The number of additional ports you can open changes depending on what product you have. With a level 19 web hosting account, for example, you can open up to 50 additional ports. And if you have a managed server, you can use konsoleH to determine the maximum number of additional ports for each account on the server.
    You can find this feature on your konsoleH account by going to "Services; Open additional ports". If you sent a request to our support team to open specific ports in the past, these will naturally remain open. You can also configure these ports using the new feature.

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