• 01. April 2019

    An upgrade for all web hosting accounts

    We've just upgraded all of our web hosting account levels, but kept them at the same low prices! You'll notice several clear improvements.

    With Level 1, for example, we've doubled the storage from 5 to 10 GB. Plus, this package includes a MySQL/PostgreSQL database. So now you can use content management systems (CMS) with this package. Installing the popular CMS WordPress with our WordPress installer is a piece of cake. It just takes a few clicks, and it's also available for all web hosting customers.

    Other users will benefit, too! Level 4 web hosting accounts now include up to 10 cronjobs and support CGI scripts. In addition, Level 9 users can perform interactive server logins via SSH. And we've also upped Level 19's storage from 200 GB to 300 GB.

    But we've saved the best for last: we've removed traffic limits for all web hosting accounts! And no, this is not an April Fools' joke! As serious Germans, we do not joke about unlimited traffic.

    Existing customers will also find these upgrades on their accounts.

    You'll find a full overview of all features here.