• 10. March 2021

    Firewall Beta for Hetzner Cloud available

    Firewalls, the new feature for Hetzner Cloud, has just arrived. Many of our customers have requested this feature, so we're hoping that you'll take this opportunity to be one of the first customers to use it. It'll be free of charge even after the beta phase. 

    Firewalls is a stateful firewall. It tracks incoming and outgoing data packages with the help of a state list. Firewalls automatically allows responses to outgoing requests without any further configuration. The same is true for outgoing responses to permitted incoming data traffic.

    We've built Firewalls with ease and efficiency in mind. You only need a single setup. You can assign this setup to as many of your cloud servers as you like.

    More upgrades and additional functions for Firewalls are coming soon. In the future, you'll be able to assign rules to cloud servers using lables.

    Can't wait for the official release? Then join us now for the beta phase! Your suggestions and feedback will help us to make Firewalls even better.

    Get started now! You can find an overview of the main features and further information on Hetzner Cloud Firewalls here.